4 Fun DIY Ideas Using Colored Pencils

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When you think of colored pencils, you might think of a coloring book or tracing your hand to make a turkey. But colored pencils have a greater purpose, as long as you give them a chance to stun you. DIYselfers have found that these colorful pencils have given them thousands of creative opportunities. And the following are just a few ideas that may spark your creativity.

1. Give a Small Window or Hanging Frame an Eccentric Touch

The idea here is pretty simple; all you have to do is place colored pencils around the frame or window. You can be creative regarding which colors you will use.

You can glue the colored pencils to the back of the frame; from the front view, the pencils will look a like a peacock’s tail.

You can also place pencils around a window frame, like a small window in your kitchen or bathroom. The look should definitely make your window stand out from the rest of your home. Remember that you can be as creative as you want here. For example, you can cut the pencils into different sizes.

2. Make a Pencil Necklace

One great thing about pencils is they are made of wood, which means they can be sawed, sanded, and drilled. This is what brings you to the next interesting idea of making a necklace.

All you need to do is saw off enough of the pencil until you are happy with the size. You can sand it until you get the look you desire. After that, drill a small hole through the pencil. Now repeat this step to create as many pieces as you want for your necklace. Make sure the hole is in the same place for each piece.

Put a small string or leather cord through the hole of each piece to make your necklace. That is how simple it is to sport a new necklace or to make one with your children.

3. Make a Welcoming Door Decoration

Another simple idea that can help get your creative juices going is to make a welcoming door decoration. You just need to purchase a thick piece of cork, which could either be circular or squared. You can cut the cork to create your desired look.

Paint the cork whatever color you want, and say something like, “Welcome.” You can also write something silly if you want to be funny. Of course, you do not have to write anything at all, or maybe you want to paint something should you be artistically endowed.

The last step is to push your pencils around the edge of the cork and hang your creation outside of your door.

Remember that the pencils can vary in color or be one color if you want. You can also saw off part of the pencil, just to vary the sizes.

4. Make Your Own Flower-Power Ring

Another great idea is to make a ring out of your colorful pencils.

You will need to purchase a ring with an empty pad where you can set your Flower-Power creation. The ring could be anything you want from regular metal to sterling silver or copper.

The first thing that you need to do is saw off 1.5 inch pieces of a pencil. You can vary the color, or use one color; just make sure that you cut 7 to make the design.

Sand both ends of each of the pieces to make sure they are smooth to the touch.

Use wood glue to glue each piece to the other, and let the design sit overnight at room temperature.

You may see some glue on the edges or the ends of the design. Make sure that you carefully sand those areas until you do not see any more glue.

Put a little more fresh glue at the bottom of the design, and place it over the ring’s empty pad. Let that sit for another twenty-four hours at room temperature, and your ring should be done. This could be a great gift for a friend or one of your children. You can even inscribe the ring since wood is easy to work with; just don’t forget to sand the inscription, too.

Hopefully these ideas help spark your creativity. All of these projects are relatively easy and can be done with the help of family members or friends, which could make for a fun afternoon. If all else fails, these colorful pencils can still help your child color a great work of art.

Check out pencilsplace.com if you need suggestions on which colored pencils to buy.

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DIY Ideas With Mason Jars

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DIY Ideas With Mason Jars

When it comes to mason jars, it is very likely that there are two kinds of households – those where people keep at least a few mason jars and do not know what to do with them, and those where people throw them away right after they eat all the food out of them. If you belong to any of these two groups, then you do not know about all the possibilities of mason jars in DIY projects. If you are crafty and enjoy making new stuff, or if you simply want to recycle and reuse the items, we will give you some ideas about how to use mason jars to create all sorts of useful and lovely items.


In the kitchen – jars can have a plenty of uses in the kitchen, and they can serve a variety of purposes. After you use all the food out of them, you can decorate them and use them for storing other kinds of food, such as herbs and spices.

For example, you can paint them with some chalkboard paint and write the names of the herbs you keep inside. You can also turn smaller jars into salt, pepper or sugar shakers by decorating them as you like and piercing the lid on several places.

In the bathroom – mason jars are excellent for storing and organizing items in the bathroom. You can use a jar to make a toothbrush holder, or to organize your make up brushes. A mason jar can make an interesting soap dispenser, or you can use it to store bathing salt or homemade creams and scrubs.
In the living room or bedroom – mason jars can find their purpose in a variety of ways when it comes to a living room or bedroom. You can use them as vases, either leave them as they are or decorate them by some color, glitter, fabric or yarn. They can also be turned into lanterns, either by attaching a few items onto the lid, or simply by adding Christmas lights into a jar. You can also use them as candle holders, either to place a store bought candle inside, or to make your own. You can also turn them into small terrariums and add a dash of nature into your room, or you can use them as flower pots for the home plants.
In the garden – mason jars can also be used in a garden in plenty of ways. You can use them to plant all kinds of herbs, and you can store the jars along the wall or on the ground. If you decide to make a mason jar lantern, you can also use it in the garden just like indoors. You can also use only jar lids to write the names of the plants if you grow your own vegetables.

Gifts – gifts in mason jars have been popular lately, and there are really plenty of ways to make both creative and pretty gift by storing it in a jar. You can make a sewing kit, a cosmetic kit, a manicure or pedicure kit and lots more. You can also store candy inside, or add the mixture for homemade hot chocolate. You can decorate the jar or leave it as is, but you will certainly make someone happy by packing a gift in this slightly unusual way.

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DIY Ideas With Plastic Bottles

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DIY Ideas With Plastic Bottles

Plastic is certainly one of the most used materials in everyday life, and although it is recyclable, there is still a lot of people who do not recycle.

An average person in the USA throws away around 200 pounds of plastic every year, which is a huge amount of garbage and most of it never gets recycled.

It takes 500 years on average for a plastic bottle to fully degrade, and some types of bottles take even more.

Knowing all this, don’t you wish to throw away less plastic and reduce the pollution? In case you do not know what to do with the plastic bottles but throw them away, we will give you some useful and very creative ideas on how to turn empty bottles into something useful and beautiful.

Storage and organizing – believe it or not, plastic bottles can be used in a variety of ways to help you store all sorts of items and organize them according to size, color, use and the like. You can cut out the bottoms of plastic bottles, paint and decorate them as you wish, align them horizontally and use this installation as a jewelry stand. You can cut the bottles in half to create glasses, which you can again decorate and use for storing items on your desk, in the bathroom or kitchen.
Ornaments and decoration – even though plastic bottles themselves do not look very appealing or decorative, you can turn them into various kinds of ornaments for different occasions. For example, you can make beautiful Christmas ornaments by cutting the flower-shaped bottom of the bottle and decorating it by some glitter and color. You can use these separately, or even connect more of them together to create an ornament for the wall or ceiling. The bottles can also be cut and interwoven in a way they create interesting vases or baskets, even without painting them.

In the garden – although plastic bottles generally harm the environment, if you use them smartly, you can make them useful in your garden or balcony. A strong broom can easily be made by cutting a bottle in strips and attaching it to a stick. Then, you can use bottles of all sizes to cut them out and plant vegetables and culinary herbs. A simple plastic bottle pierced at several places and attached to a garden hose makes a great sprinkler.

DIY projects for children – there are plenty of uses of plastic bottles for children, where you can have fun with them while you also teach them the value of recycling.

You can make piggy banks and dolls out of plastic bottles, or you can dip the bottom in acrylic color and paint the flowers on paper or wall.

Jewelry – even jewelry can be made out of plastic bottles, and it can be pretty interesting. You can cut out various shapes out of plastic bottles, decorate them with yarn, color, glitter or beads and assemble them into earrings, bracelets or necklaces.
With DIY projects, the choices are many. You just need to be creative, be willing to make something new, as well as to think out of the box and make a change at the same time.

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How To Incorporate Recycled Items Into Wedding Decor

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How To Incorporate Recycled Items Into Wedding Decor

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and plenty of ideas, and although planning a décor is only one of the items to think about, it is certainly one of the largest. It does not only take a lot of thinking, searching, combining and planning, but it also requires a lot of money.

Using recycled materials and items for the wedding décor can be a good idea for several reasons.
First, it can save a lot of money because using recycled materials to make décor or buying used decor items is much cheaper than buying new ones.

Then, it is eco-friendly, just like using recycled materials for any other purpose.

Last, if you decide to make the décor yourself, it can also be very fun and creative as well, much more than just buying the items and choosing them from catalogs.
There are several ways of recycling when it comes to wedding décor. First, you can buy décor elements which were already used. There are some websites where people sell the décor elements they used at their wedding, and it is a great way of buying some lovely stuff on quite a low price. Then, you can buy new décor, but from recycled materials. For example, name cards for the tables (or even wedding invitations) can be printed on recycled paper, or lanterns and other ornaments can also be made from it. If you are crafty, there is also an option of creating the ornaments and other décor elements yourself. You can buy recycled paper, organic materials, or you can use all the elements you already have at home and think they will be useful for making the ornaments.


If you decide to make the décor yourself, here are some of the ideas how you can implement recycled items and materials:

Recycled paper – recycled paper can come in a variety of wonderful colors and textures, and it can be used in plenty of ways when it comes to wedding items. You can use it to make name cards for the tables, and even wedding invitations or thank you cards can be printed on it. If you make small gifts for your guests, there are plenty of great ideas for using recycled paper for wrapping presents. It can also be used to make all sorts of ornaments for the walls, or even incorporated in the centerpieces.

Yarn – if you have leftover yarn, it can be used for creating beautiful ornaments of different kinds. You can use yarn of various colors, combine them and play with it as you like. You can also use it when you wrap gifts for your guests, either to tighten the paper or to make small ornaments for the gifts.

Glass jars – glass jars can be used in DIY projects in a variety of ways, and they can really be nicely incorporated in wedding decoration. You can paint them and use them as vases, or you can add some sand, pebbles and pretty much whatever comes to your mind in a transparent jar and plant some flowers inside them.
Feel free to explore all the ideas and play with them, but make sure to start on time, in order to make your DIY wedding project enjoyable and stress-free.

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