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The things we do to take a nice photo.

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Happy New Year!

cakeshnyI love being inspired by what other people do.
Linda Lomelino has been a huge inspiration for the longest time and after reading her book, my head has been spinning… in the best way possible.

So thanks to her,
I’ve finally come up with a few new cakes to welcome the new year.
The lemon cake and the walnut coffee cake
are two of the three new cakes M&M will be offering.

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of some of the cakes and frosting
Linda makes, in her recipe book. So these new cakes are more inspired by her flavour combinations, more so than the actual cakes. Just wanted to make that clear, if not everyone would think  I’m blatantly copying her. Blargh.


cakes-7680 cakes-7673

cakes-76872 014 has been a rocky year for me and M&M.
It started off really quite horribly, but it ended on a better note as compared to last year.
In between there were ups and downs, a lot of lessons learnt…
And I’m feeling more motivated than ever to push forward and bulldoze through 2015 with great fervour. Whatever happens, at least I know I’ve given it my all.

And as for this blog..
no promises on how much time I’m going to spend on it.
Hopefully, my love for it rekindles bit by bit again.

Happy New Year my loves~
May the new year bring about more exciting and happy times!
Never stop chasing your dreams.
Never stop wanderlusting!

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Merry Christmas

christmascakes3There’s something about me and decorating cakes.
It’s like yoga, without the pain. :)
My favourite choices of decoration for the festive season:
& Dried Lemons.

I don’t know why, but I’m never quite sure how I’m going to design or decorate a customized cake until I see it. I do it McGuyver style, finding things in the fridge, on the shelves (no worries, all good stuff of course), basically anything that might look pretty together on a cake.

Rustic is the new beautiful I tell you!

christmascakes1Lime Yoghurt Cake / Earl Grey Lemon Cake with Fresh Cream & Fruits.

christmascakes (2 of 11)

christmascakes (4 of 11)

christmascakes (5 of 11)Walnut Carrot Cake

christmascakes2My personal favourite version of the Red Velvet cake.

Merry Christmas my loves!
Hope you’re having a fantabulous time!

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My brother bought me a Christmas present
Dominique Ansel
The Secret Recipe

A particular part of the book felt so relatable to me,
I nearly started tearing after reading.
It inspired me so much.
Hope it might inspire you too.


Chapter 3

My parents tell me that the first word I ever said was “yes.” Of course, I may have been trying to say something else, since I was sputtering all sorts of unformed noises at the time. But I like to think it is true, and I often wonder what it was that inspired me to break my silence.

I live by the rule that if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, you shouldn’t speak at all. But perhaps one of the quietest times of my life took place when I first started my own bakery.

It took just seven of the most backbreaking, sweat-drenching, and utterly frustrating weeks from the time I left my previous job at Daniel until the opening day. During that entire period, despite the fact that I was trying to build my vision, I was silent. Something within me withdrew into the solitude of my infant days.

As it turned out, it was a lot easier to not speak than it was to not listen. Everyone else had something to say about my next step.

“You should focus on selling sandwiches,” one person suggested. “People don’t buy pastries these days. They’ll buy sandwiches during lunchtime. That’s where you make money.”

“You should make cupcakes,” another recommended. “It’s New York! People love cupcakes.”

“Lower the prices,”said one
“Increase the prices,” suggested another.

There I found myself, at the beginning of the next stage of my career, and I could barely hear my own thought about the chatter of everyone else’s. I understood that their advice was well intentioned, but I knew I had to decide the way forward for myself. I needed to learn how to not listen.

The world speaks only to what has already happened: tales of those who have already succeeded, those who have already failed. Advice is based on history rather than possibility. And only when you stop listening do you stop imitating and start creating…..

Take a moment with me and try not to listen. Dig within yourself to find the things you deeply care about and believe in. And when you hit upon what inspires you the most, the doubt with dissipate. The right path will be clear. And you will break your silence with a resounding “yes.”

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Wedding Weekend

jeremysarah (1 of 7)

When you really like the couple, you feel extra motivated to do more and the best you can to make sure their happy with what you can do for them on their special day.
Even though I’ve been so stressed out with all the financial strains of running a small but extremely costly business, seeing the finished table setup, made me remember why I started it all in the first place – “to bring joy and happiness to other people“.
The exact words one of my best friends, Cheryl had said to me just this morning.

Thank you Cheryl.
Thank you Jeremy & Sarah.
Thank you Zhicao & Dawn.

jeremysarah (2 of 7) jeremysarah (3 of 7) jeremysarah (4 of 7) jeremysarah (5 of 7)zhicaodawn (2 of 5) zhicaodawn (3 of 5) zhicaodawn (4 of 5) zhicaodawn6

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Simple Philosophy




If you’re lazy with your skincare regime just like I am, you’ll appreciate the Purity cleanser from Philosophy. Easy around the eyes, it removes all your makeup while cleansing your face. No more cotton pads and eye makeup remover! Well, at least on a more casual-makeup sort of day, that is. Plus, its like a almost-500ml bottle for a decent price.Totally worth the money. Christmas present option anyone?

P.S This is not a sponsored post. I just really love this sh*t.

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Market Lane Coffee | Melbourne

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, you most definitely have no excuse to not drop by Market Lane Coffee for a good cuppa.








109-111 Therry Street
Melbourne 3000
(Right next to Victoria Market)

Melbourne-1000036 Melbourne-1000035 melbourne-1000014 melbourne-1000013 melbourne-1000017-2 melbourne-1000016-2 melbourne-1000015
Queen Vic Market
Shop 73-76 Dairy Produce Hall
Melbourne 3000

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What’s there not to love about this city?


Melbourne-1000004 Melbourne-1000005

Smith & Daughters
It is possible to become vegan in Australia with all its fresh produce that you can use to make the most wholesome and delicious meals you will ever taste. Smith & Daughters served me two of the best vegan dishes I’ve ever had. It was so hearty, even my mother asked “what meat is this?”. I, then of course, reminded her “This is a vegan restaurant, mum.”Melbourne-1000010


Industry Beans
A pit-stop after our lunch at Smith & Daughters, which was quite unfortunate, because we were so full, we weren’t able to stuff ourselves with anymore food. I watched with jealously as amazing dishes passed us by… The poached eggs atop that bed of fresh greens looked too good. I settled for a piccolo latte and vegetable chips which were both very satisfying for my over-indulged belly. Would definitely go back there for a proper meal the next time I’m back!

Also, I thought the chef on the left in the photo above was so good-looking, I couldn’t stop staring. #arealhipster hahaha…

Melbourne-1000016 Melbourne-1000017 Melbourne-1000018 Melbourne-1000019 Melbourne-1000020Sister of Soul
Another vegan/vegetarian restaurant, this time, located at St Kilda.
The sun was out in full-force that day, so mum and I decided to head to the beach. While walking along the crazy crowded street (it was a weekday, mind you!), I was captivated by the interior decoration of Sister of Soul. I know, so terribly superficial I am.

We had an eggplant dish, miso soup and a juice…
(Sorry can’t remember the specifics)
which made up to be yet another a very soul-satisfying meal!

As I grow older, I have less and less of an urge to eat meat. I would  always favour dishes that have mushrooms, eggplants or cabbage as their main component, instead of those with chicken or pork etc. However, I think it is quite impossible for me to give up seafood… Can’t imagine never having sashimi ever again!

Okay, honestly, I don’t know how to pronounce the name of this shop,
but it is frigging amazing.
They have spice mixes for cooking specific meats like fish or lamb,
Mexican hot chocolate which I really recommend you buy if you love chilli hot chocolate,
assorted teas like chai and sencha…
I have used everything I bought and wish I had access to their herb and spices on a daily basis!

Melbourne-1000022 Melbourne-1000023 Melbourne-1000024 Melbourne-1000025 Melbourne-1000026

Everyone who knows me and knows of Beatrix, says that it reminds them of M&M.
That is such a compliment because they do really fantastic cakes.
Dawn & I ordered 4 cakes for breakfast.
And here I am sometimes judging customers at M&M for over-ordering.
Well, there is a first time for everything.


More photos to come.
I’m wanderlusting again.
Love you Melbourne.

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Spending time with mother and daughter,
Yuling & Raeann,
always makes my day.
Yuling is one of the most genuine and loving person I’ve ever met
and her daughter, Raeann, the sweetest, most intelligent little girl whom I adore so much.
Seeing such a beautiful mother-caught bond between them,
makes me think that I would someday, love to have a daughter of my own.

Both mum and daughter are such a dream to take photo of!
An impromptu photoshoot was definitely necessary!

raeannyuling (17 of 18)

raeann1 raeann2 raeannyuling (1 of 18)

Brunch at Pacamara.
We met at thew newly open Pacamara, located on Upper Thomson Road.
Both food and coffee was delicious and the ambience, perfect for a fantastic catchup.
Will definitely be back there again~raeannyuling (3 of 18) raeannyuling (7 of 18)


Photos of Yuling & I, are taken by little Raeann.

raeannyuling (9 of 18) raeannyuling (10 of 18) raeannyuling (11 of 18) raeannyuling (12 of 18) raeannyuling (13 of 18) raeannyuling (14 of 18) raeannyuling (15 of 18) raeannyuling (16 of 18) raeannyuling (18 of 18)

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hardwaresociete (1 of 5)

Serving great Food & Coffee in Melbourne CBD,
The Hardware Societe is very popular with locals and tourists!
So be prepared to wait awhile for a table,
especially on the weekends.
Is it worth it?
Hell yeah!

hardwaresociete (2 of 5) hardwaresociete (3 of 5)

 Their “today’s special” brioche, was zomg-super-delicious!

hardwaresociete (4 of 5)

My mum had their tasty baked eggs & a pot of tea…
You can’t have enough eggs in Melbourne, I say!

hardwaresociete (5 of 5)The Hardware Societe
12o Hardware Street,
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3000

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