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If you’re lazy with your skincare regime just like I am, you’ll appreciate the Purity cleanser from Philosophy. Easy around the eyes, it removes all your makeup while cleansing your face. No more cotton pads and eye makeup remover! Well, at least on a more casual-makeup sort of day, that is. Plus, its like a almost-500ml bottle for a decent price.Totally worth the money. Christmas present option anyone?

P.S This is not a sponsored post. I just really love this sh*t.

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Market Lane Coffee | Melbourne

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, you most definitely have no excuse to not drop by Market Lane Coffee for a good cuppa.








109-111 Therry Street
Melbourne 3000
(Right next to Victoria Market)

Melbourne-1000036 Melbourne-1000035 melbourne-1000014 melbourne-1000013 melbourne-1000017-2 melbourne-1000016-2 melbourne-1000015
Queen Vic Market
Shop 73-76 Dairy Produce Hall
Melbourne 3000

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What’s there not to love about this city?


Melbourne-1000004 Melbourne-1000005

Smith & Daughters
It is possible to become vegan in Australia with all its fresh produce that you can use to make the most wholesome and delicious meals you will ever taste. Smith & Daughters served me two of the best vegan dishes I’ve ever had. It was so hearty, even my mother asked “what meat is this?”. I, then of course, reminded her “This is a vegan restaurant, mum.”Melbourne-1000010


Industry Beans
A pit-stop after our lunch at Smith & Daughters, which was quite unfortunate, because we were so full, we weren’t able to stuff ourselves with anymore food. I watched with jealously as amazing dishes passed us by… The poached eggs atop that bed of fresh greens looked too good. I settled for a piccolo latte and vegetable chips which were both very satisfying for my over-indulged belly. Would definitely go back there for a proper meal the next time I’m back!

Also, I thought the chef on the left in the photo above was so good-looking, I couldn’t stop staring. #arealhipster hahaha…

Melbourne-1000016 Melbourne-1000017 Melbourne-1000018 Melbourne-1000019 Melbourne-1000020Sister of Soul
Another vegan/vegetarian restaurant, this time, located at St Kilda.
The sun was out in full-force that day, so mum and I decided to head to the beach. While walking along the crazy crowded street (it was a weekday, mind you!), I was captivated by the interior decoration of Sister of Soul. I know, so terribly superficial I am.

We had an eggplant dish, miso soup and a juice…
(Sorry can’t remember the specifics)
which made up to be yet another a very soul-satisfying meal!

As I grow older, I have less and less of an urge to eat meat. I would  always favour dishes that have mushrooms, eggplants or cabbage as their main component, instead of those with chicken or pork etc. However, I think it is quite impossible for me to give up seafood… Can’t imagine never having sashimi ever again!

Okay, honestly, I don’t know how to pronounce the name of this shop,
but it is frigging amazing.
They have spice mixes for cooking specific meats like fish or lamb,
Mexican hot chocolate which I really recommend you buy if you love chilli hot chocolate,
assorted teas like chai and sencha…
I have used everything I bought and wish I had access to their herb and spices on a daily basis!

Melbourne-1000022 Melbourne-1000023 Melbourne-1000024 Melbourne-1000025 Melbourne-1000026

Everyone who knows me and knows of Beatrix, says that it reminds them of M&M.
That is such a compliment because they do really fantastic cakes.
Dawn & I ordered 4 cakes for breakfast.
And here I am sometimes judging customers at M&M for over-ordering.
Well, there is a first time for everything.


More photos to come.
I’m wanderlusting again.
Love you Melbourne.

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Spending time with mother and daughter,
Yuling & Raeann,
always makes my day.
Yuling is one of the most genuine and loving person I’ve ever met
and her daughter, Raeann, the sweetest, most intelligent little girl whom I adore so much.
Seeing such a beautiful mother-caught bond between them,
makes me think that I would someday, love to have a daughter of my own.

Both mum and daughter are such a dream to take photo of!
An impromptu photoshoot was definitely necessary!

raeannyuling (17 of 18)

raeann1 raeann2 raeannyuling (1 of 18)

Brunch at Pacamara.
We met at thew newly open Pacamara, located on Upper Thomson Road.
Both food and coffee was delicious and the ambience, perfect for a fantastic catchup.
Will definitely be back there again~raeannyuling (3 of 18) raeannyuling (7 of 18)


Photos of Yuling & I, are taken by little Raeann.

raeannyuling (9 of 18) raeannyuling (10 of 18) raeannyuling (11 of 18) raeannyuling (12 of 18) raeannyuling (13 of 18) raeannyuling (14 of 18) raeannyuling (15 of 18) raeannyuling (16 of 18) raeannyuling (18 of 18)

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hardwaresociete (1 of 5)

Serving great Food & Coffee in Melbourne CBD,
The Hardware Societe is very popular with locals and tourists!
So be prepared to wait awhile for a table,
especially on the weekends.
Is it worth it?
Hell yeah!

hardwaresociete (2 of 5) hardwaresociete (3 of 5)

 Their “today’s special” brioche, was zomg-super-delicious!

hardwaresociete (4 of 5)

My mum had their tasty baked eggs & a pot of tea…
You can’t have enough eggs in Melbourne, I say!

hardwaresociete (5 of 5)The Hardware Societe
12o Hardware Street,
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3000

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Dawn & Darren

Truth be told,
I usually don’t get excited about weddings,
but Dawn & Darren‘s
got me in a bunch because it was going to be held
at a farm in Melbourne.
And because it was Dawn & Darren,
I knew it was going to be fabulous,
True there’s the need to travel thousands of miles to get there,
but I wasn’t going to miss it for the world.

The wedding was beautiful.
Vows under a big oak tree,
dinner & dancing in a barn.
One of my dream weddings come alive.

darrendawn (1 of 16)

darrendawn (6 of 16)

The big Oak tree.

darrendawn (5 of 16)

Hot & Cold Tea was served by the Collingwood Farm Cafe.

darrendawn (10 of 16)

I had some hot tea with milk, to keep warm on this particularly windy day.

darrendawn (12 of 16) darrendawn (11 of 16)
darrendawn (3 of 16)

darrendawn (15 of 16)

Here comes the bride…

darrendawn (2 of 16)

darrendawn (4 of 27)

darrendawn (3 of 27)

Pretty Bridesmaids.

darrendawn (5 of 27)

The Vows.

darrendawn (2 of 27)

darrendawn (6 of 27)


darrendawn (21 of 27)




darrendawn (20 of 27)

darrendawn (19 of 27)The beautiful wedding cake by the beautiful bridesmaid Lynsey.

darrendawn (18 of 27)

darrendawn (17 of 27)

darrendawn (24 of 27)

darrendawn (14 of 27)

darrendawn (13 of 27)

darrendawn (12 of 27)

darrendawn (27 of 27)Food by the Farm Cafe was the best wedding food I ever had the honour of consuming. Simply delicious!

darrendawn (25 of 27) darrendawn (26 of 27) darrendawn (23 of 27)

All photos were taken on Nikon FM2 | Potra 400 film

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Bangkok 2014 On Film | P1

I usually like travelling alone because my pace is different from previous companions. However, travelling with Ethel and Jovy was such a joy. We’ve discovered when the 3 of us are together, the strangest, funniest and craziest things happen to us. 3 of us shared a bed, experienced a proper haunting (omg, i’ll never forget), ate everything we saw (dirty but crazy tasty street food included) and of course, went on the most fruitful 2-day cafe hunt I’ve ever been on. We had so much fun, we’re already planning our next trip! :)

Bangkok changes so much every time I go there. It’s simply amazing what can happen in a year. While you could say the same for Singapore, somehow Bangkok’s change is more inspiring… probably for the fact that they seem to be able to do whatever they want – build a small cafe from ground up in the middle of nowhere, build cafes/shops out of old freight containers etc. I really admire Thai people for their outstanding creativity. What they create and do, is awe-inspiring.


The Bloc
A really great location to take some whimsical wedding photos, or better yet, a wedding! Imagine it all lit up at night. How Pretty! Not the most convenient to get to, with the nearest BTS Station being Bang Wa, you’d still have to take a cab. From Siam area, it was about 300 baht for us.

Anyways back to The Bloc. It has the shop that Jovy and Ethel were looking forward so much to going to, Things to Make and Do. They source for their products overseas from Japan and carry some items from KikiK intact. Prices are a little expensive seeing how much you pay for most stuff in Bangkok, but still a really nice shop space that will make you go “omg” at almost everything.. well… at least that’s what happened to us.

It also has ice cream parlour, Simple Day Ice-Cream, dessert place, Think Cafe and restaurant, Treebox. You’ll want to order everything because it all looks so damn cute. Cute when it comes to food? You’ll understand when you see what they offer.

Find out their location and other details on the FB page HERE.

bkk (34 of 37) bkk (35 of 37) bkk (36 of 37) bkk (37 of 37) bkk (31 of 37) bkk (32 of 37) bkk (33 of 37)

Casa Lapin X26
One Day Wallflowers 

Looking for extremely good-looking hipster boys, good tasting coffee, super delicious tarts, really nice chilled out outdoor seating space and the most beautiful flower shop you’ll ever know? Then Casa Lapin x26 with One Day Wallflowers just outside it’s main doors, is the perfect stop over for you! The place feels expensive and I sort of get the vibe I would get at PS Cafe over here. The crowd is very good-looking, both service staff and customers, however, I somehow I feel like everyone’s friends with everyone else. If you’re not comfortable with that sort of thing, sit outside! They have some really cushy seats and tables, way more relaxing than sitting inside in my opinion.

One Day Wallflowers is housed in a tiny “greenhouse”. Filled with stunning blooms, you’ll be tempted to buy everything in the shop, even though you have no idea what you might do with the flowers. Because of that flaw in the plan, Ethel & I settled for super adorable little wooden houses for 160Bht each. That purchase satisfied us just enough. :)

Casa Lapin x26 FB page HERE
One Day Wallflowers FB page HERE.

bkk (25 of 37)

bkk (26 of 37) bkk (27 of 37) bkk (28 of 37) bkk (29 of 37) bkk (30 of 37) bkk (21 of 37) bkk (22 of 37) bkk (24 of 37)

(UN)FASHION Ekkamai 10

An extremely tiny cafe, you can only fit a maximum of 4 at a table and I think the whole space has a maximum seating capacity of 12. And that’s it. Cozy and quaint, you’ll feel like Peter Rabbit in his little rabbit hole with his family. I loved it! Plus, their Mixed Fruit tart was scrumptious! Ethel & I enjoyed it lots!

(UN)FASHION is located at the corner between Sukhumvit Soi 63 and Ekkamai 10.

bkk (13 of 37)

bkk (20 of 37)

bkk (19 of 37)

bkk (14 of 37) bkk (15 of 37) bkk (16 of 37)

QUEST – Connaisseur Cafe

This was actually our first stop on our cafe trail bonanza! Quite close to the condominium we were staying at, it was while I was getting us quite lost that I noticed this cafe. Somehow, I always have a keen eye for places filled with natural light and raw wooden furniture… no matte how obscure. The coffee was good and the pastry the right size and just enough to keep us satisfied till our next pit stop. haha… Morning refreshments at Quest made a good start to the day!

Quest FB Page HERE.

bkk (2 of 37) bkk (3 of 37) bkk (4 of 37)

One Ounce For Onion

One of the cafes I would definitely go back to the next time I’m in BKK because the atmosphere is so frigging chilled out. The coffee was great, the ice matcha latte was hella good, I almost finished it in a go. I could hang out there all day long! If there is one cafe you can’t miss out on, it’s One Ounce For Onion! :)

Their FB Page HERE.

bkk (5 of 37)bkk (8 of 37)bkk (6 of 37) bkk (7 of 37) bkk (1 of 37)

Cafe Hopping Notes

Bring your smartphone charger when you travel around BKK. Lots of cafes have electrical sockets for you to charge your phones and they really don’t say anything if you use it. If not, you can do what Jovy does and ask if the staff mind charging your iPhone for you! No one rejected her yet!

Remember to buy your SIM Card at the Airport! It’s just 300baht for 7 days!


More photos to come.
Thank you Bangkok for the hospitality.

All photos in this post were taken with Nikon FM2

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Creatory 2014

It’s extremely sad for me when really fun events happen on the weekends, which, obviously, they always do! Weekends are the busiest time of the week for the bakery, and this past one was no exception. But because my friends at Creatory had rallied together to “push” me to go down, I knew I definitely couldn’t miss out on all the fun. And although I could only afford about an hour there, I managed to stuff myself silly with great food and drinks, catch up with friends and see all the other amazing works by talented Singaporean folk.

Creatory 2014 (6 of 7) Creatory 2014 (4 of 7) Creatory 2014 (5 of 7) Creatory 2014 (3 of 7) Creatory 2014 (2 of 7) Creatory 2014 (1 of 7)


Hopefully Creatory happens again next year in 2015! xx

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fishtaco (1 of 10)

Bagel Brunch at SEASONS BISTRO

fishtaco (10 of 10) fishtaco (9 of 10)

fishtaco (7 of 10) fishtaco (8 of 10)Tea time coffee with Mummy-to-be Mel at Shop Wonderland

fishtaco (6 of 10)

Probably the best Public Garden weekend yet! I wanted to buy everything and I almost did!

fishtaco (5 of 10)LAPIN NOIR

fishtaco (3 of 10) fishtaco (4 of 10)Plume & Preen //

fishtaco (2 of 10)Qorkcom

One of the best Sundays I’ve had in awhile!


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coastnco (12 of 16)

zyfy (1 of 6) zyfy (3 of 6) coastnco (13 of 16) coastnco (10 of 16)

June & July have been the months for weddings and lots of love.
I’ve been feeling very grateful to have the most talented and hardworking team supporting me.
Because of them, I can really focus on the decor for the tables.
Everything was organised and ran so smoothly, it was unbelievable.
For everyone interested in having a dessert table for their wedding, please drop an email at
Looking forward to the weddings in August!

coastnco (11 of 16)

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