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Coast & Company

  Coast & Company Located on Siglap Drive, it’s not the most accessible if you don’t live around the area and with the unavailability of parking space, the best way to get here is to cycle. It was my birthday… so cake was necessary. I had the strawberry rhubarb crumble cake which was tasty, however, […]

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All Script

  Digital publications on the iPad aren’t really for me, I still prefer flipping through physical books and magazines… especially… when they are made of beautiful paper stock. That’s why I’m so grateful an Allscript branch opened near my home in Serangoon Gardens. That way I wouldn’t have to travel downtown just to get a […]


Bagels, Doughnuts & Me

I finally feel my creative juices flowing again. Recently, or actually, just yesterday, I passed on my managerial duties to someone whom I know would be far more suited for that role than me… during this current point in time. I’m still the boss of M&M but I’m taking a back seat and going back […]


The Tastemaker

When I was younger, I couldn’t quite understand why other people liked studying outside. Wasn’t it quieter and more conducive at home? How can you focus when there’s like a million people surrounding you? Well I haven’t quite gotten my head around the idea of hanging about at Macs. The aroma of fast food that […]

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Cooking With Dog

Subscribe to Cooking With Dog for the best cooking videos for home-cooked Japanese food on You Tube, with Francis the Dog! Itadakimasu! Woof! Woof! 

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Just bought myself the only size 36 pink satin Superga x the man repeller sneakers from Robinsons. Soooo puurrrdddyyyy! They just came in TODAY and I was lucky customer number 1! Just what I needed to perk up a slightly-dreary-moody-hormonally-charged day. This wasn’t planned at all. I swear I didn’t intentionally skive off work to […]


Dream Apartment

    When I saw this post on Design*Sponge, I knew I had to share. They always share images of very beautiful homes which homeowners DIY themselves, but this particular apartment owned by Stylist Anthony D’Argenzio, creator of Zio & Sons, made me fall in love with it almost immediately. If I had a dream apartment, this would probably be it! Do […]



I had truly cultivated a love for yakitori when I was staying in Tokyo for awhile. My Japanese Godfather had a favourite yakitori-ya where he’d have a meal at, at least once a week. When I was there, we’d drop by twice a week. We’d sit at the counter while he’d chat with the boss. […]

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Ssek Jewelry

I had spied a familiar face behind a table full of beautifully handcrafted jewelry at a recent Public Garden market. We both stared at each other, trying to remember each other. Tammy had joined pPp after I stopped working there so we never really got the chance to get to know each other. Our only […]


Picnic In The Park

This past weekend, L and I had our first picnic at Fort Canning Park. Besides the scotching sun and the infestation of mosquitos and ants, we had an enjoyable time. You know what they say, it’s the company that counts… Ok… and the food too.. I made mac & cheese, cheese on toast, roasted vegetable […]

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