Floral Magic




I could never be a florist. I adore flowers, but I’m so so bad at mix and matching them (perhaps this is because of my lack of color co-ordination and inability to think 3D).  Jo from Floral Magic makes it seem so easy, like it’s second nature to her – from the way she describes the personality of each flower to the way she effortlessly puts together a beautiful bouquet in no time at all. Alan (Jo’s Fiance) says it’s like frosting cakes… just don’t think too hard about it. Well I beg to differ, frosting cakes is a skill, putting together beautiful bouquets is sheer talent.

floralmagic-6536Today at M&M, we had a pop-up workshop by Floral Magic. Finally, the newer countertop got fully utilised! This is a an example of what I was hoping to do more often, when I had the countertop built, by the way. I loved the workshop! It brought so much life to M&M even if it was just for two hours.

floralmagic-6537 floralmagic-6539 floralmagic-6544Sweet Jo.

floralmagic-6545 floralmagic-6547 floralmagic-6548 floralmagic-6551This was the gorgeous  “sample” that Jo did. It was so nice of her to give it to me after.

And…I was lucky to be given the opportunity make an arrangement for myself. Mine was quite the mess and I quite like it. Alan said that the way you arrange flowers reflects your state of mind. Well that means my thoughts are messy and a little sparse. Oh Gawd! haha… So hopefully I’ll be more zen the next time I do this. hehe

floralmagic-6554Floral Magic is having more pop-up workshops soon! So do subscribe to their facebook page for updates! xx

* M&M FOR H&M *

When I was asked to do a dessert spread for the H&M Singapore office, I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t?! I know, so superficial… what’s the big deal? It’s a big deal… at least personally. I do consider myself lucky, honored and privileged to be part of someone’s big day, eg. wedding, 21st birthday…. but this is on a whole different level. It’s H&M for God’s sake! *pant* Ok, clearly I need to stop screaming in my head. 

 photo hnm.jpg

Isabel Marant x H&M Collection launching 14th November. Gorgeous knits for Fall/Winter!

 photo hnm-2.jpg

Macarons from Laudree. Pretty pretty colours!

 photo hnm-3.jpg

 photo hnm-4.jpg

Simple & Clean.

 photo hnm-5.jpg

Labels using the Isabel Marant print provided by the PR Company.

 photo hnm-6.jpg

Lately I’m obsessed about making / eating financiers. They are just too good.



Being a blogger and now, bakery owner as well, it’s so important for me to always have access to the internet. Whether it’s for more serious stuff like emails and accessing important dates on my iCal, or more fun stuff like uploading photos of happenings at the bakery on instagram and Facebook, 4G allows me to get so much done fast and efficiently while on the go.

 photo instagrampic02.jpg

 photo instagrampic01.jpg

 photo instagrampic03.jpg
4G allows me to upload photos on instagram where ever I go!

If I’m not at the bakery, you can find me going around Singapore running errands like going grocery shopping, buying flowers or delivering cakes… and sometimes, if I’m lucky to have the time, hanging out at my favourite cafes, all which, at some point of time, were made much easier tasks because of 4G! For example, *deep breath in* on the way to work, travelling along Kallang Road, I had to find out if Cold Storage Kallang Leisure Park was opened at that moment because my staff had suddenly called me to inform me that they had ran out of raspberries which were needed for a cake that was to be picked up at 10am. I checked my iPhone to find out that bit of information and within a minute, was turning in, into the carpark.

“But what exactly is 4G?”, you’re wondering. Most of you probably don’t have much a clue about it and neither did I before this blogpost. And I suppose I could share with you all the technicalities of it… which would probably bore you to tears… so really, all you need to know is that it allows us fast access to the internet. It’s really that simple. How fast? Get your hands on a 3G phone, compare and within seconds, you’ll know how fast.

So what do you enjoy on 4G? Do you get to watch your favourite Korean drama while you’re on the bus on the way to school? Or get to download the Backstreet Boys’ song the moment you and your girlfriends reminisce about it because of it? The lovely people at M1 would like to find out!

M1 is organising a contest because they would like to hear what you have to say about 4G and what you like on it! This contest is open to everyone, even if you’re not an M1 user!

* M1 For Everyone Contest *

To join the contest, you’ll first need to like M1’s Facebook Page

 photo 4g-1.jpg

 photo 4g2.jpg

On a large cardboard, write down clearly what you enjoy on 4G, just like what my team has done above! Then submit a video of yourself holding the board, onto either the Facebook Contest Page or Instagram. Do remember to #M1foreveryone if you submit your entry through instagram! 5 videos will then be selected and then stitch together into 1 winners’ video and upload onto the Facebook page every week! On weeks 1 and 2 winners will get a HTC One and during weeks 3 and 4, a Samsung GS4 each! And even if your video was not picked as one of the 5, there will be a lucky draw and you’ll get a chance to win a Sony Xperia Z Tablet or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!

Want to see what I like on 4G? Watch the video below!

Good Luck!

DameJolie x Every Little Thing

 photo newarrivals_Damejolie.jpg

Join us at our 1st event this June – Every Little Thing – a new fashion market organised by the same people behind Public Garden. Discover locally designed clothes and products, as well as one-of-a-kind bags and accessories. A touch of vintage, fashion and food, all in one place. As always, we can’t wait to show you our new vintage arrivals together with a selection of handmade jewellery. Be the first to see the pretty prints, feel the fabulous fabric and try them on yourself

Date: Sat 8 – Sun 9 June

Venue: Old Hill Street Police Station (Former MICA Building)
3 mins walk from Clark Quay MRT
5 mins walk from City Hall MRT

Time: 1pm to 7pm

If you would like to try something that you saw from our website, drop us a mail on Facebook or email, damejolierocks@gmail.com and we’ll bring it down for you.

Till we meet.

* S P R I N G A T T O P S H O P *

Hello my lovelies!

If you’ve been to London, you would have probably visited the UK Topshop Flagship Store @ Oxford Circus – four massive floors of fashion heaven. Besides the rows of apparels, accessories, shoes etc., the nail salon, hair salon and the EAT cafe probably caught your attention as well. So inspired by their UK Topshop Flagship Store’s ideals in creating a more interesting and fulfilling shopping experience, Topshop Singapore will be playing host to six local lifestyle brands who will be doing pop-ups within the basement space of the Topshop Flagship Store Knightsbridge over the next few weeks. :)

The first of the Spring pop-ups was with Papa Palheta and I was very lucky to be asked to cover the launch event a few days ago.

 photo IMG_3775.jpg photo IMG_3777.jpg

\ photo IMG_3779.jpg

 photo IMG_3780.jpg

 photo IMG_3781.jpg

Charlie & Weish graced the event with their lovely voices. I know of many local vocal talents, but Charlie and Weish are probably two of the best in my opinion. When they started to sing, everyone’s heads turned and for those few minutes of song, they had the attention of the whole store. I, personally, was spellbound. :)

 photo IMG_3785.jpg

 photo IMG_3787.jpg

 photo IMG_3791.jpg

 photo IMG_3792.jpg

 photo IMG_3807.jpg

There were so many people who attended the launch… and obviously most of them being fashionistas! I loved this girl’s beanie, dress and Dr Mart’s combi – casual and chic.

 photo IMG_3810.jpg

Brightly colored hair. I love. I wish I could have. Sighs.

 photo IMG_3812.jpg

Really liked the prints on this guy’s sweater. Who said Singaporean guys don’t know jack about dressing up?! 😀

I’m so sorry if you missed out on the pPp x Topshop pop-up that ended just this past Sunday. However, not to worry though, there are 5 more pop-ups!

27 March – 31 March  ::  Sour Sally
3 April – 7 April ::  woodwould
10 April – 14 April ::  Manicurious
17 APril – 21 April ::  P.V.S
24 April – 28 April ::  Tiong Bahru Bakery

If you did make it for the pPp x Topshop pop-up and managed to get the first stamp on your Spring Pop Ups $30 Topshop shopping card from them, don’t forget to take it along every time you drop by! :)

Can’t wait for the next one! xx


10 years ago, during one of our catchups, one of my best friends, Cheryl, told the rest of us how smitten she was with a guy in her class she met on the first day of junior college. 10 years later, in the same place they first laid eyes on each other, Ryan and Cheryl said their “I do”s.

Cheryl being the youngest, is the baby of our sisterhood. She’s also the sweetest and the most forgiving of the lot of us. Not to mention, has the most adorable trait of saying the darnest things, always making us laugh when we least expect it. Ryan is definitely one lucky guy to have and to hold her as his wife, for the rest of their lives together. But of course, Cheryl is lucky to have him too. Ryan is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. For the past 10 years, he’s been a very loving boyfriend, always holding her hand through good and bad times. And I’m sure this will not change, and that their love for each other will only grow stronger.

To my dearest friends, Ryan and Cheryl, Congratulations! Now I can finally officially call you Mr & Mrs Chia every time we meet up! Oh and P.S. You should know who to call upon to be Godma to your first child! *cough* :)

 photo IMG_3590.jpg

 photo IMG_3514.jpg

Cheryl had asked me to do up a dessert table for the day. Her theme was an English inspired wedding, hence the red, white and blue trimmings here and there. My friend Justin baked the irresistible treats while Jeanette helped me with the styling. While I did like the picture I had of the table in my mind prior to the day… it turned out even more beautiful than I expected it to be. Thank you Justin and Jeanette! 

 photo IMG_3520.jpg

 photo IMG_3524.jpg

 photo IMG_3610.jpg

 photo IMG_3611.jpg

This is me, cutting the cake because no one else dared to. hahaha… 

 photo IMG_3525.jpg

 photo IMG_3526.jpg

 photo IMG_3531.jpg

 photo IMG_3538.jpg

Quite proud of the flower arrangements in the bottles that the other ladies and I made the day before. Obviously, I was the dictator who at first was quite particular making sure flower was sitting at the right height and the ribbons tied and trimmed to the same length… but halfway through, with only one hour of sleep the night before, I gave up being annoying and let the girls do their thing… and how awesome everything turned out. It’s quite clear to me now that if I was getting married, I would be a total bridezilla… a very scary one. LOL. Oh well… ^_^

Anyways, Congratulations once again my dear friends! Love you both very much! Looking forward to the dinner at the end of the year! xx 

* S E W S E A R C H I N G *


Sew Searching is an exhibition about rejecting mass production. It features handmade plush toys and lifestyle products by local crafter, Sandy Ng of ‘Cookie Cutter’, and is curated by Yanda of ‘Do Not Design’.

In the face of cloned mails, machine regurgitated products and a prescribed route of convention, one treads a path fraught with challenges, when one does not want what many others do. This exhibition seeks to gather like-minded people to witness a journey of searching and the fruits of this search. It is an attempt to keep alive a creative community independent of huge corporations. We also hope to reshape how people consume and interpret handmade.

The exhibition will showcase plush toys, cushions, bags etc. culminated after 3 years of soul searching, exploring and trying. They feature detailed handiwork as well as original and quirky designs which are the physical manifestations of a soul gradually freeing itself from the reins of convention while learning to imagine like a child. Each item is individually crafted out of a small workroom of a residential space. They are a form of self-expression and a way someone kept her head afloat the tsunami of commercialistion sweeping across our society. This theme of searching is also reflected in the installation of the exhibition, where a forest-like ambience is created with the use of branches.

Additionally, the exhibition features collaborations with 7 local creatives who share our cause. Larry Peh of &Larry, Eeshaun, Kenny Leck of BooksActually, Jeremy Sherma, Holycrap, MessyMsxi and Darren Lee of Uniform each gave their own spin to a blank plush toy, to be showcased exclusively at the exhibition. 

18 January 2013, 5pm to 7pm
Exhibition dates
19 – 26 January 2013, 1pm to 8 pm
Math Paper Press Office, 62 Neil Road Singapore 088833
(Admission is free) 

More information at their facebook page.



Hello everyone! Christmas is here, which means, it’s the time of giving! While most of us are busy shopping for gifts, why not do something special this year and make your presents instead!

Create one-of a kind unique gifts for friends and family with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Everyone needs a little bling in their lives, especially this time of year! So this is your excuse to get creative and go over the top to make everything sparkle and shine with Swarovski!

Want to see what I made and how I made my gifts? Watch my tutorial video below!

Hope you enjoyed the video and maybe was able to pick up some tips on how you can start creating your style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS too! Honestly, I can’t believe how little time I took to make each item in that video! It was easy and quick yet the finished results were amazing! Let me show u a close up of some of my favorite pieces!


I’m super happy with this sweater! This was the first thing I wanted to make when I laid eyes on the sew-on elements. It’s even prettier than what I imagined in my head.


The Rose Peach…. such a nice color. To be honest, I always thought SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were too bling for me, but there are some colours that in small amounts, make a simple design look 10000 times more intriguing!


And my other favourite colour, the Denim Blue. It’s metallic hue makes it a little more edgy and raw. It’s also a little masculine so I’m sure guys won’t mind a little bling on their gifts!



You saw how I embellished these moustaches on these tee-shirts and now would like to give them to you! The tee-shirts come in a set, one guy’s tee (M) and one girl’s tee (XS, but fits a local S).  One for your boy, and one for you! :) All you have to do is leave a comment below! It’s that simple! :) One lucky winner will be chosen on 10th of January! Good luck!


Last but not least, keep in eye out on my blog as well the CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS facebook page for updates on the Workshop coming up on the 13th of January at Sculpture Square!  A professional as well as myself, will be there to show you how to make your own creations with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! It’s free and you can take home your creations! Most definitely not to be missed. :) Hope I’ll get to see you there!