# C O O K F O R F A M I L Y

When Daniel invited me to join the #COOKFORFAMILY Intiative and I immediately replied with a “Yes, I Want To Cook For My Family!”. It is a meaningful movement where we as bloggers hope to encourage you to cook for your family! I hope by the end of this entry, you might be inspired to whip up something in your kitchen today! :)


In general, I don’t cook for my family. But every other day, I will bake for them. There will be bread on the table in the morning and my family happily has them for breakfast. I guess I don’t cook because my mum does a ll the cooking and is a great cook. She makes one of the best laksa yong tau foo you will ever have you in your life. Mind you it’s not premix! 😛 She doesn’t bake, so its quite a good “system” we’ve got going on in our kitchen.

Occasionally I do cook, but it’d be either western or Japanese food, seeing how those are the two cuisines my mum usually doesn’t like to.

Today my mum is vegetarian, so  I decided to make a simple salad and some pasta for our dinner. It was just the two of us and it was nice time for us to catch up over food as she had been away for a week and just returned.


I grilled some cherry tomatoes and yellow peppers…


Cooked some couscous with mushroom stock… and mixed it up with spinach and the peppers and tomatoes drizzled the salad with some french salad dressing!


I fried some garlic and parsley in olive oil then added portobello mushroom, then the pasta and presto!


I added my homemade walnut pesto which was a little generous with walnuts hahahaha… that added that a little more flavour that I needed. A simple pasta dish. Visually I guess it didn’t look the most appealing with all the green and brown but at least my mum liked it! (That’s my mum in the photo btw. Fortunately for me she likes to have her photos taken) :) And that’s what matters most!


They always say the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. And I think cooking is definitely a great gift for any occasion or even when there is no occasion. The food might not be spectactular but if you put in all the love you can give, it will definitely taste good! Even if it’s just making a sandwich or frying an egg, make something for your loved ones to tell them you love them! xx


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