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Hello my lovelies! Hope everyone’s had a great weekend! Mine was fantastic with cake class (apple tart was made) and a visit to a craft market and (by chance) a flea market! More on that in the next post for sure! Tomorrow my mum will be flying to Nagoya and I’ll be taking the shinkansen to meet her there. I’m uber excited ( this trip has been exciting every second I tell u!) cause I have never been Nagoya before. After two days there, we’re going to Takayama for more sightseeing. You know, my English has gotten a little weird of late… It’s got a strange Japanese accent to it and it’s gotten a little more broken than usual. hahaha.. I’m adapting pretty fast then, aint I?

So on to the main point of this post… when anyone visits Kyoto, they will most likely visit Kiyomizu Temple. The area has a main temple and shrines. It’s my second time there. At first I didn’t know if I had been there before, still we starting walking up all the stairs and slopes to get to it.

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 photo IMG_2770_zpsfa061d8a.jpg

Small shops line the streets to the Shrine.

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 photo IMG_2773_zpse69a979b.jpg

 photo IMG_2774_zpscfdd0346.jpg

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 photo IMG_2782_zps635322e7.jpg

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The main temple didn’t interest me much to be honest…whereas the part of the compound I hadn’t been to yet, where people went to pray for love or anything love related, was somewhere I was looking forward to the most! Who knows if such things really work… who knows if my love life will suddenly change and prince charming will ride up in his white Audi and propose marriage with one Louboutin shoe… but the “love shrine” ( I call it that cause that’s what it is, right?) was definitely very interesting!

 photo IMG_2791_zpsdb455457.jpg

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 photo IMG_2800_zps6e2c115d.jpg

So you walk from one stone to the other stone, or at least try to get there… and you’ll “achieve ur love”. Your friends can help you by telling you if you’re going in the right direction! I wanted to give it a shot, but somehow I felt that, even with Yuko’s help, I’d probably still end up somewhere very far off from the stone. haha.

 photo IMG_2795_zps870dc7aa.jpg

 photo IMG_2796_zps9570186a.jpg

Buy a charm to “bind your love tightly”! Sounds a little too much doesn’t it? haha They really need better translation!

 photo IMG_2802_zpsc06e0327.jpg

What are you praying for… chasing away bad luck, good relations, love, luck?

 photo IMG_2804_zpsbe56d100.jpg

A must visit when going to Kyoto! This is the first time I had so much fun at a shrine… but maybe I did because of Yuko and her mum? Thanks so much Yuko! I guess it’s the great company that counts the most! But seriously, the “love shrine” was so fun! :)

xx Sarah

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