Just a Few Things

A big thank you to my new bakers Ethel and Eunice for being so damn awesome. For quite awhile, I had been neglecting my beauty regime and man, things have really gone down hill. But now, I have far more time to focus on getting back into shape and good health. I’m back on the “war […]



  I’m enjoying my nightly ritual of one-korean-drama-a-day. Currently on my playlist – Horse Doctor episode 35. I always need some sort of dialogue running in the background while I work or sleep. Somehow, it seems to have a calming effect on me, even if I’m not really paying attention or even if its in […]


Bento with Love

The best way to tell anyone that you love them… is always through food. Mentaiko, Rocket, Avocado, Seaweed on Steamed Rice – a combination I fell in love with during one of the best meals I had in Tokyo. Because it can be served cold, it’s a great dish to make into a bento! And […]



The Most Important Meal Of The Day My first an all-day breakfast experience happened in Melbourne over the course of 5 days. It was there I started my love affair with poached eggs, fresh produce and artisanal coffee. Who knew breakfast could be so simple yet so decadent?! Now in Singapore, so many places serve […]



A trip to Tokyo is never complete without a meal at Rose Bakery. Okay, honestly, the food here is not super amazing, but everything tastes so wholesome, healthy and every bite warms my heart quite a bit. New and fabulous on the menu this time round… Matcha Brownies! I. must. have. more. Savoury Scone & […]



Hello loves! Today was one of those days that I decided I was going to take off from work, dire consequences or not. I was beginning to get a little sick and tired of taking two half-days off every week instead of a full day, which makes so much more sense when it comes to […]



Gotran Cherrier is a very busy man. He opened Tiong Bahru Bakery with the Spa Esprit Group in Singapore not too long ago and is now making his mark in Japan! I’m not quite sure if GC had already done so before Singapore, but I know that his bakery located in the heart of Shibuya is […]

* C O V O *

For me and I think for most of the ladies out there, pre-Chinese new year preparations always involving some primping of oneself. Usually I’d have a facial, manicure/pedicure… you know the works… but this year I could only spare some time for one of those luxuries in life… a good haircut. I have a thick […]

* S T R E A M E R *

Streamer Coffee Company A must-visit if you’re in the Shibuya area. The coffee bowls cups are huge. And I mean ENORMOUS. Milk based signature coffee (they roast their own beans) tastes great and latte art was pretty (sorry, could only manage to sneak one photo due to my heavy guilty conscience nagging at me cause they […]

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