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Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.13.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.13.01 PMJust bought myself the only size 36 pink satin Superga x the man repeller sneakers from Robinsons. Soooo puurrrdddyyyy! They just came in TODAY and I was lucky customer number 1! Just what I needed to perk up a slightly-dreary-moody-hormonally-charged day.

This wasn’t planned at all. I swear I didn’t intentionally skive off work to go shopping. I didn’t even know about her Spring collection till today! The truth was, I was being a horrible boss moping around the shop, picking on anything that irked me. And lo and behold, everything annoyed me! So before I could do more damage and get everyone in the shop to hate me, I left mid-day to get a good hair cut. The horrendously hot weather was making me feel even worse, with or without air-conditioning. So if I couldn’t do something about my imbalanced hormones, I would at least try to literally take some weight off my neck and shoulders.

So while at least 10cm of hair was being loped off, I chanced upon a write up about Leandra Medine’s collection. Honestly, I didn’t read the whole thing even if it was barely 100 words, because the title Superga x the man repeller was enough! I didn’t even bother to see when it would be out with the assumption it already was, so I had to make haste. And I guess sometimes, being kiasu really does pay off well. :)

I only got to know about Leandra Medine about 2 months ago. I know… travesty right? It was her youtube videos that really appealed to me. She seems to have so much zest for life through the way she talks, the way she dances and runs around the streets of New York and of course, the way she dresses – fun, quirky and super fabulous. Oh and she’s such a good writer too! Man Repeller is probably the only blog where I read the entries word for word. Reminds me quite a lot of Carrie Bradshaw but not at all as neurotic. :)

So if you haven’t started following her yet, it’s about time you did! And for all of you wanting to grab a pair, I was informed they only bring one of each size for each design, so hurry down to Robinsons to try them on. Or if it’s too much of a hassle, you can also go online to buy from their Singapore based online store. Oh and do note, they run a bit big, so while I’m usually a size 37, the 36 fits me just nice! *best / safer to go down to Robinsons to try your size if you’re not sure, in my opinion*

Sighs. How I wish I could have all of them! Happy shopping my loves! xx

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.13.18 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 2.31.42 AM
mages from Superga

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Dream Apartment




When I saw this post on Design*Sponge, I knew I had to share. They always share images of very beautiful homes which homeowners DIY themselves, but this particular apartment owned by Stylist Anthony D’Argenzio, creator of Zio & Sons, made me fall in love with it almost immediately. If I had a dream apartment, this would probably be it! Do follow him on Instagram because all his photos are just enviously goregous.

tumblr_n3bwj6rFrf1qk94n4o5_500 tumblr_n3bwj6rFrf1qk94n4o6_1280 tumblr_n3bwj6rFrf1qk94n4o8_500tumblr_n3bwj6rFrf1qk94n4o1_500

Images from Zio & Sons


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I had truly cultivated a love for yakitori when I was staying in Tokyo for awhile. My Japanese Godfather had a favourite yakitori-ya where he’d have a meal at, at least once a week. When I was there, we’d drop by twice a week. We’d sit at the counter while he’d chat with the boss. They spoke really fast, occasionally asking for my opinion…most probably out of courtesy. I didn’t mind being left alone to watch the variety programmes showing on the tiny TV in the corner, eating good food and sipping on a big glass of Calpis High. Bliss.

When I came back to Singapore, I couldn’t find any yakitori restaurant that was as good as the one in Tokyo. Friends didn’t know. Even google couldn’t help. So for the longest time, I gave up the notion that I would be able to savour tasty yakitori outside of Japan….

until a month ago…

I got an invitation to a food tasting at BINCHO.

Maybe this sounds quite ungrateful, but I’m quite picky about the food tastings I attend because I’m quite wary of being bamboozled into writing a nice post about food I don’t really like. Shamed to say it has happened before, but now I tell myself, if I’m not gushing about it to my friends and family, then it really isn’t worth writing about. *2 & counting…*

The email said Yaki Tori and that peaked my interest immediately. A potentially good Yaki Tori restaurant in Singapore? NA NI ?! I nearly didn’t make it cause I was stuck at the shop covered in cake flour... But thank God I did, for I would have nearly missed out on a really decadent meal.

Because I’m not very good at writing and would not wish you to sit through horrible (vocab-wise) descriptions of the food and the space, I’m sharing my evening with you through photos and short-but-sweet comments below.

bincho-2-18The front entrance at the back.


Front bar.


Back dining area.

bincho-2-15Front row seats.
Chef Masashi has been in Singapore for more than 10 years so don’t be shy to have a conversation with him while he prepares your dish for you.

bincho-2Assorted Appetizer
The chicken pate was quite divine.

bincho-2-2Assorted Sashimi
Hello super fresh Uni.

bincho-2-3Hokkaido Tofu
For the Tofu fanatic. Must eat with the ginger and spring onions on the side.

bincho-2-11Momotaro Tomato
Sweeeeettt little tomato…..didn’t even need the drizzle.

bincho-2-10Spare Parts
Not for the feint of heart. If I remember correctly, the heart, liver and oh the cockerel’s comb. The comb gave me a little bit of the eeby jeebies, but I got to try it just once.


bincho-2-9Yaki Tori Shio | Tare
Chicken. A lot of tasty tasty chicken.

bincho-2-8Grilled Vegetables Platter
Beautifully grilled vegetables – a refreshing bite from all the meaty disposition.

I chew the meat of the bone like a ravenous lion. You can choose wagyu beef if you’d prefer that.


Tsukune & Egg Yolk
Only had one chance to take that photo with the yolk on top of the tsukune. Made of meat from the chicken’s neck, it’s tender and juicy. This probably doesn’t sound very appetizing, but there isn’t much meat on a chicken’s neck so you can imagine how many chickens it took to make that one piece of meat…… #meatloversonly #carnivores

bincho-2-13Simmer Kurobuta Don
After all the meat, it was hard to take more than one mouthful of the kurobuta don, which was very unfair to the dish. If you’re chuffed like me, must have the rice and meat with the broth to make it a good mouthful.

Best part of any meal for me



Amao Strawberry | Green Tea Ice Cream
You know how I feel about Japanese strawberries! And Green Tea Ice Cream…. Pshh. Obviously I LOVE THEM ALL. :)

The following dishes were from two set menus I got the privilege to nom on!

FUJI $80 | BINCHO $120

I know you’re probably thinking, HOLY CRAP, that’s expensive. But Yaki Tori is expensive, both in and out of Japan. If dinner is too pricy for you, you can consider having lunch instead. Their lunch menu is pretty affordable and very very good. They share their space with Hua Bee Coffee Shop which sells  meepok. So if you’re going in a group, there’s an option of casual or finer dining!

Another post on that soon!

78 Moh Guan Terrace
Singapore 162078


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Ssek Jewelry


I had spied a familiar face behind a table full of beautifully handcrafted jewelry at a recent Public Garden market.

We both stared at each other, trying to remember each other.

Tammy had joined pPp after I stopped working there so we never really got the chance to get to know each other. Our only proper conversation happened during a mutual outing to club Avalon. So technically, with alcohol at hand and loud music in the background, the conversation probably wasn’t very proper after all.

Tammy is so talented! I love her Ssek Jewelry creations! She also does beautiful ceramics by the way, so if you already like the jewellery she makes, hopefully you’ll get to lay eyes on her ceramic creations.

All her necklaces come wrapped up in a beautiful piece of fabric that is hand painted by her, which is a really sweet personal touch. You’ll find yourself initially admiring the cloth more so than the piece of jewellery actually. haha.

I already own two of her necklaces. Hope you’ll find something you like from Ssek Jewelry!


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Picnic In The Park

This past weekend, L and I had our first picnic at Fort Canning Park. Besides the scotching sun and the infestation of mosquitos and ants, we had an enjoyable time. You know what they say, it’s the company that counts…

picnic-6649Ok… and the food too.. I made mac & cheese, cheese on toast, roasted vegetable salad and egg-mayo salad with bacon bits! Cheated a little and bought a slice of chocolate cake from Food For Thought nearby. :)


picnic-6660 picnic-6663 picnic-6665

I finally got to use the vintage food carrier that I had inherited from my dear Grandmother. It even still has “YAP” which is my grandma’s maiden family name, that she would write on everything she owned! When she passed, it was a good thing I took home most of her prized kitchen accessories before my aunt could throw them all away. I miss her and her Peranakan cooking. :)

The basket, I bought from Tokyo and the drinking glasses are from Plain Vanilla.



From this experience, I learned that I need better planning in terms of location and what things to bring. I looking forward to having a another and hopefully better, picnic! Anyone have any suggestion on good picnic spots in Singapore? Please share!

Happy Weekend ahead, my fellow Wanderlusters! xx

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Perk By Kate

*Warning : Shy away boys… this probably isn’t for you. Or it might… if you have some fetish…or whatever… I’m not judging. :D

I wonder why I didn’t already know of Perk by Kate. My friends who I’ve travelled with to Japan or Bangkok will tell you that one of my priorities when on holiday is to look for nice lingerie underwear. It’s quite the obsession! I know you can find some nice ones in Singapore… but they are unbelievably overpriced. Buying a Triumph Bra here might be able to almost buy you something from Agent Provocateur! And that exact same bra is probably going to cost you half of what you pay locally, in Bangkok. It’s true! I’ve done my research. 

The selection at Perk By Kate is gorgeous and affordable! There is so much to choose from and I’ve managed to pick and am sharing a few of my favourites.



1. Sabel Cut Out Soft Cut Bra / 2. Scarlet Racerback Bralette / 3. Earth Angel Tunic by Eberjey / 4. Addiction Nouvelle Shorty

By the way, this is not a sponsored post! I was lucky to chance upon Perk By Kate on Instagram and I felt the extreme need to share something so wonderful! Oh the Joooooyyyy! hehe. Anywhooos, I’m going back to decide which ones I want the most cause there is far too many in my basket and I can only afford two max! #firstworldproblem

Happy Shopping Ladies!

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Floral Magic



I could never be a florist. I adore flowers, but I’m so so bad at mix and matching them (perhaps this is because of my lack of color co-ordination and inability to think 3D).  Jo from Floral Magic makes it seem so easy, like it’s second nature to her – from the way she describes the personality of each flower to the way she effortlessly puts together a beautiful bouquet in no time at all. Alan (Jo’s Fiance) says it’s like frosting cakes… just don’t think too hard about it. Well I beg to differ, frosting cakes is a skill, putting together beautiful bouquets is sheer talent.

floralmagic-6536Today at M&M, we had a pop-up workshop by Floral Magic. Finally, the newer countertop got fully utilised! This is a an example of what I was hoping to do more often, when I had the countertop built, by the way. I loved the workshop! It brought so much life to M&M even if it was just for two hours.

floralmagic-6537 floralmagic-6539 floralmagic-6544Sweet Jo.

floralmagic-6545 floralmagic-6547 floralmagic-6548 floralmagic-6551This was the gorgeous  ”sample” that Jo did. It was so nice of her to give it to me after.

And…I was lucky to be given the opportunity make an arrangement for myself. Mine was quite the mess and I quite like it. Alan said that the way you arrange flowers reflects your state of mind. Well that means my thoughts are messy and a little sparse. Oh Gawd! haha… So hopefully I’ll be more zen the next time I do this. hehe

floralmagic-6554Floral Magic is having more pop-up workshops soon! So do subscribe to their facebook page for updates! xx

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Food Trail | KL

Hello loves! This is my last post about my recent KL trip. I could probably dedicate a post to each of the places I visited but I decided just the three of the most memorable ones would be enough to tempt you into making a short trip there yourself. :)

KL-6364When I go back to KL, I’m definitely trying out Ben’s General Food Store!

KL-6365 KL-6367 KL-6369Wondermama attracted me with its old-school themed quirky decor and concept.

KL-6370 KL-6371 KL-6374 KL-6378I had a slice of their Red Velvet and Cookies & Cream drink. The cake wasn’t quite for me, but I loved the Cookies & Cream so much, I drank it all instantly and forgot to take a photo! keke.

KL-6455Wondermilk is a bakery located at Publika. The interior is so whimsical and colourful, I told myself I would love it if M&M looked like that!

KL-6457KL-6475 KL-6480

I had a Cookies & Cream Cupcake and a cup of peach tea. Unfortunately I really didn’t like the cupcake as with only one bite, it tasted really artificial to me and I didn’t want to have anymore. So you could say that gastronomically, I felt a little disappointed. I don’t know about the rest of the menu though… so if you have tried the food there, please let me know!


Wondermilk kind of reminded me of Mr Jones Orphanage in Bangkok… while everything looks very pretty, the cakes just didn’t make a good impression. So even if you’re not  going in for cakes, it’s still worth going in to have a seat, sip on some tea and enjoy the whimsical atmosphere.

KL-6485 KL-6487 KL-6488


The piccolo latte and regular latte at Coffee Stain by Joseph were very good! As compared to other cafes, the interior didn’t stand out, however the coffee was the best at Publika. So if you only have enough space for one cuppa during a trip to Publika, this should be your one and only choice! :)

KL-6490And that’s that! I wish I had more to share… but until next time, thanks Kuala Lumpur for a surprisingly great getaway! I will be back! xx


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Journal by Plan B


Journal by Plan B is part of The Big Group that owns other popular F&B establishments like Ben’s, Plan B, Mr Brooks. All the restaurants/cafes that I came across under The Big Group, look quite similar but their menu very different. For example, Journal By Plan B seems to cater to those looking more for an all-day breakfast menu, Ben’s has a East-meets-West menu, and Mr Brooks – “primarily a gin-cocktail bar”.

Journal-6463 Journal-6465 Journal-6468The Loaded Club Sandwich (24MYR), Portobello Benjamin  (24MYR), Watermelon Lychee Frostie (9MYR)

In my opinion, the food was super affordable. When I think I would be paying $24 in Singapore for a dish I’m paying 24MYR for, my heart sinks a little. I know… I know… Singapore’s cost of living is higher etc, but trust me, being in F&B, $24 poached eggs on toast is ridiculous.

Anyways, the sandwich was pretty good, but I was more excited about the sweet potato fries that came with it YAR-MMMEE. The best part about the Portobello Benjamin was the hollandaise sauce. I don’t care much for hollandaise sauce in general and I always request for less cause most places do it very thick and not being a fan of egg yolk, I really don’t like it. However, the one at Journal was so buttery with the taste of sweet sweet butter lingering on my tongue after every bite. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….  thinking about it now, is making me want to go all the way back there just for it. XD Seriously! Hmmm… oh and, other than the spectacular hollandaise sauce, the fluffy English muffins were a good change from the usual dry toast.

Journal-6472The brunch at Journal by Plan B was such a good start to the day. With such a good first impression, I really look forward to eating at other establishments under The Big Group!

Journal by Plan B
Lot No.65, Level G2
Publika Solaris Dutamas 1
Jln Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

p.s You can find lots of great places to eat in Publika. So if you’re planning to go there, be prepared with a big appetite for the day.

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