Picnic In The Park

This past weekend, L and I had our first picnic at Fort Canning Park. Besides the scotching sun and the infestation of mosquitos and ants, we had an enjoyable time. You know what they say, it’s the company that counts…

picnic-6649Ok… and the food too.. I made mac & cheese, cheese on toast, roasted vegetable salad and egg-mayo salad with bacon bits! Cheated a little and bought a slice of chocolate cake from Food For Thought nearby. :)


picnic-6660 picnic-6663 picnic-6665

I finally got to use the vintage food carrier that I had inherited from my dear Grandmother. It even still has “YAP” which is my grandma’s maiden family name, that she would write on everything she owned! When she passed, it was a good thing I took home most of her prized kitchen accessories before my aunt could throw them all away. I miss her and her Peranakan cooking. :)

The basket, I bought from Tokyo and the drinking glasses are from Plain Vanilla.



From this experience, I learned that I need better planning in terms of location and what things to bring. I looking forward to having a another and hopefully better, picnic! Anyone have any suggestion on good picnic spots in Singapore? Please share!

Happy Weekend ahead, my fellow Wanderlusters! xx

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Perk By Kate

*Warning : Shy away boys… this probably isn’t for you. Or it might… if you have some fetish…or whatever… I’m not judging. :D

I wonder why I didn’t already know of Perk by Kate. My friends who I’ve travelled with to Japan or Bangkok will tell you that one of my priorities when on holiday is to look for nice lingerie underwear. It’s quite the obsession! I know you can find some nice ones in Singapore… but they are unbelievably overpriced. Buying a Triumph Bra here might be able to almost buy you something from Agent Provocateur! And that exact same bra is probably going to cost you half of what you pay locally, in Bangkok. It’s true! I’ve done my research. 

The selection at Perk By Kate is gorgeous and affordable! There is so much to choose from and I’ve managed to pick and am sharing a few of my favourites.



1. Sabel Cut Out Soft Cut Bra / 2. Scarlet Racerback Bralette / 3. Earth Angel Tunic by Eberjey / 4. Addiction Nouvelle Shorty

By the way, this is not a sponsored post! I was lucky to chance upon Perk By Kate on Instagram and I felt the extreme need to share something so wonderful! Oh the Joooooyyyy! hehe. Anywhooos, I’m going back to decide which ones I want the most cause there is far too many in my basket and I can only afford two max! #firstworldproblem

Happy Shopping Ladies!

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Floral Magic



I could never be a florist. I adore flowers, but I’m so so bad at mix and matching them (perhaps this is because of my lack of color co-ordination and inability to think 3D).  Jo from Floral Magic makes it seem so easy, like it’s second nature to her – from the way she describes the personality of each flower to the way she effortlessly puts together a beautiful bouquet in no time at all. Alan (Jo’s Fiance) says it’s like frosting cakes… just don’t think too hard about it. Well I beg to differ, frosting cakes is a skill, putting together beautiful bouquets is sheer talent.

floralmagic-6536Today at M&M, we had a pop-up workshop by Floral Magic. Finally, the newer countertop got fully utilised! This is a an example of what I was hoping to do more often, when I had the countertop built, by the way. I loved the workshop! It brought so much life to M&M even if it was just for two hours.

floralmagic-6537 floralmagic-6539 floralmagic-6544Sweet Jo.

floralmagic-6545 floralmagic-6547 floralmagic-6548 floralmagic-6551This was the gorgeous  ”sample” that Jo did. It was so nice of her to give it to me after.

And…I was lucky to be given the opportunity make an arrangement for myself. Mine was quite the mess and I quite like it. Alan said that the way you arrange flowers reflects your state of mind. Well that means my thoughts are messy and a little sparse. Oh Gawd! haha… So hopefully I’ll be more zen the next time I do this. hehe

floralmagic-6554Floral Magic is having more pop-up workshops soon! So do subscribe to their facebook page for updates! xx

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Food Trail | KL

Hello loves! This is my last post about my recent KL trip. I could probably dedicate a post to each of the places I visited but I decided just the three of the most memorable ones would be enough to tempt you into making a short trip there yourself. :)

KL-6364When I go back to KL, I’m definitely trying out Ben’s General Food Store!

KL-6365 KL-6367 KL-6369Wondermama attracted me with its old-school themed quirky decor and concept.

KL-6370 KL-6371 KL-6374 KL-6378I had a slice of their Red Velvet and Cookies & Cream drink. The cake wasn’t quite for me, but I loved the Cookies & Cream so much, I drank it all instantly and forgot to take a photo! keke.

KL-6455Wondermilk is a bakery located at Publika. The interior is so whimsical and colourful, I told myself I would love it if M&M looked like that!

KL-6457KL-6475 KL-6480

I had a Cookies & Cream Cupcake and a cup of peach tea. Unfortunately I really didn’t like the cupcake as with only one bite, it tasted really artificial to me and I didn’t want to have anymore. So you could say that gastronomically, I felt a little disappointed. I don’t know about the rest of the menu though… so if you have tried the food there, please let me know!


Wondermilk kind of reminded me of Mr Jones Orphanage in Bangkok… while everything looks very pretty, the cakes just didn’t make a good impression. So even if you’re not  going in for cakes, it’s still worth going in to have a seat, sip on some tea and enjoy the whimsical atmosphere.

KL-6485 KL-6487 KL-6488


The piccolo latte and regular latte at Coffee Stain by Joseph were very good! As compared to other cafes, the interior didn’t stand out, however the coffee was the best at Publika. So if you only have enough space for one cuppa during a trip to Publika, this should be your one and only choice! :)

KL-6490And that’s that! I wish I had more to share… but until next time, thanks Kuala Lumpur for a surprisingly great getaway! I will be back! xx


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Journal by Plan B


Journal by Plan B is part of The Big Group that owns other popular F&B establishments like Ben’s, Plan B, Mr Brooks. All the restaurants/cafes that I came across under The Big Group, look quite similar but their menu very different. For example, Journal By Plan B seems to cater to those looking more for an all-day breakfast menu, Ben’s has a East-meets-West menu, and Mr Brooks – “primarily a gin-cocktail bar”.

Journal-6463 Journal-6465 Journal-6468The Loaded Club Sandwich (24MYR), Portobello Benjamin  (24MYR), Watermelon Lychee Frostie (9MYR)

In my opinion, the food was super affordable. When I think I would be paying $24 in Singapore for a dish I’m paying 24MYR for, my heart sinks a little. I know… I know… Singapore’s cost of living is higher etc, but trust me, being in F&B, $24 poached eggs on toast is ridiculous.

Anyways, the sandwich was pretty good, but I was more excited about the sweet potato fries that came with it YAR-MMMEE. The best part about the Portobello Benjamin was the hollandaise sauce. I don’t care much for hollandaise sauce in general and I always request for less cause most places do it very thick and not being a fan of egg yolk, I really don’t like it. However, the one at Journal was so buttery with the taste of sweet sweet butter lingering on my tongue after every bite. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….  thinking about it now, is making me want to go all the way back there just for it. XD Seriously! Hmmm… oh and, other than the spectacular hollandaise sauce, the fluffy English muffins were a good change from the usual dry toast.

Journal-6472The brunch at Journal by Plan B was such a good start to the day. With such a good first impression, I really look forward to eating at other establishments under The Big Group!

Journal by Plan B
Lot No.65, Level G2
Publika Solaris Dutamas 1
Jln Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur

p.s You can find lots of great places to eat in Publika. So if you’re planning to go there, be prepared with a big appetite for the day.

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I just watched this touching movie and there are two things I’ve learned from it.

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is good-looking with or without hair. And a great actor, of course
2. Live! Travel, explore,indulge, enjoy. Do what you love. Get over your fears and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Life is too short and too fragile for us to waste it, being unhappy. Love! No matter how annoying your family is, you know it comes from a place of love. Appreciate the friends who really care about you, even if they don’t know how to tell you so. Get rid of emotional baggage. Keep your loved ones close. Stay happy!

I recommend watching 50/50. It won’t change your life, but it’ll make you appreciate what you have. :)

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Only having barely 2 days to go around all the good cafes in Kuala Lumpur was too much of a rush, so I had to miss out on a few, sadly. Fortunately, VCR was a 5 minute walk from the little hotel I was staying at, so as soon as I checked out, I took a stroll over to meet my cousin for a morning cup of coffee and some cake.

CVR-6436VCR only serves coffee and cakes. This would probably come as a shock to most cafe-goers, especially when they have so much seating space. But good on them, I say! If they can afford to focus on just serving what they are good at, then why not.



And focusing on what they do best, definitely pays off. VCR has the best coffee and cakes I had on this trip! Granted I only had about 18 hours in KL, but comparing to the 6 other cups of coffee and 4 other cakes, the ones served in VCR were hands-down the best! VCR came recommended by a fellow coffee-lover so I have at least one other person who can back me up on my claim.

CVR-6442They get their beans from Three Little Birdswhich I think were roasted to perfection. You can really taste the espresso. It wasn’t burnt, acidic or too dark. It was perfect. The milk was froth so nicely, so smooth and didn’t bubble till much later. Amazing.


The King – Banana Peanut Butter Cake

Omg. I must have more. So moist and just the right amount of sweetness. I loved this cake so much, I wanted to takeaway some back to Singapore. Sadly, I wasn’t too sure it was going to agree with me on trying to survive a 7 more hours in the sun walking around and a 5 hour bus ride home. *Sobs*


VCR – Definitely worth going down for some afternoon coffee and cake!

2 Jalan Galloway
50150 Kuala Lumpur,

Nearest Station
Imbi (Berjaya Times Square) or Hang Tuah

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It’s been 12 years since I last step foot into Kuala Lumpur and seeing how I badly needed a getaway and all the talk about their booming cafe scene, I took some time out for a really short two-day trip there.

And lucky lucky me… I was just in time to check out the new PULP opened by Papa Palheta, just a week ago. Thank Gawd for Instagram! 


pulp-6396Located in the Bangsar area, it’s about a 15-20 minute walk from the Station. Getting around in KL is a pretty tricky if you’re taking public transportation, especially when you don’t have Wifi. So it would be better if you printed out a map and try to navigate your own way there from the station. Taxis would be alright, but they aren’t very good with obscure roads like the one Pulp is located at. But if they do, it would be ideal to note that before you get into the cab, remember to check if they are charging you a flat-rate or going by the meter. You don’t want to be charge an exorbitant amount of money for a 5 minute ride. If you’re driving… GPS is your best friend!

Anyways you definitely can’t miss Pulp – with it’s slick monochrome exterior and newly white-washed walls, a stark contrast from its dreary neighbours. Standing along the main road, you can hear the chitter chatter of the crowd mixed with Indie music coming from inside. Hipster or not, you would definitely be intrigued.





It was pretty crowded inside, but after getting slightly lost in the hot sun for about 15 minutes, I was going to wait, even if I was going to get stared to death by everyone inside. Talk about the place to be seen, you can definitely feel many eyes on you as you stand around awkwardly for a seat. Fortunately, there was a really adorable and friendly old Uncle who found me a spot to loiter about comfortably. As soon as I sat down, as fate would have it, people started leaving. Oh how the world works!


I had a mini espresso + milk, which used their Throwback blend, made especially for Pulp. I actually like this blend more than Nuts + Bolts. Usually I wince just a little when having such a tiny but potent cup of coffee, but this wasn’t acidic and went down pretty easy.

pulp-6419 pulp-6418 pulp-6411 pulp-6409

pulp-6407On a hot hot day, a nice refreshing cold drink always makes so much sense. So I also ordered a cold brew and a homemade lemonade. Haha.. two drinks are definitely better than one. I love the cold brew which I felt was tastier than the one from Chye Seng Huat Hardware. I don’t know if it was the same beans because than I would seem so silly, but really it did taste nicer!

The lemonade had a real fizz in it which really quenched my thirst. The first sip can catch you slightly off your guard, but once you start, you can’t stop. 

pulp-6408I also ordered the Fruit Tart. I felt that the tart was missing a major component which was pastry cream to bring it all together. Because of the lack of, the baked almond cream made it seem dry. I might not know too much about the coffee, but in this case, I’m quite sure I know what I’m talking about. All you need is some pastry cream, guys!



All in all, it was definitely worth getting slight lost for. And plus, being Singaporean, how can I not show support! So if you’re in KL, you know where to go for a good cuppa!
Pulp By Papa Palheta
29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201-3650

I found out more about Pulp from Eat Drink KL, a really brilliant blog if you’re looking for great eateries around KL.

With everything that’s going on, forget Bangkok. KL is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for a short holiday with some good shopping, great food and some good ‘ole cafe hopping!

Look out for more entries on my KL trip soon! xx

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clams-6167Every time I make this dish. I never remember the proportion of wine to stock. I just keep tasting and tasting till I get it right. Nowadays when I read recipes, I just take note of the ingredients and not really pay much attention to the portioning. Of course, it’s always a better idea to at least read through the recipe thoroughly, once. One strand of saffron is powerful enough, you don’t need to put the whole lot like it’s parsley. *awkward laugh* Lessons learnt the hard way are always the most effective. :)



Drunken Clams
Fry clams in butter, red chilli slices and garlic. Pour in chicken stock, white wine and water. When it starts to boil, turn the heat down lower. Add pepper and parsley. After simmering for awhile, turn off the heat completely. & that’s that!

I like to eat it with spaghetti or bread. I don’t know if it’s the wine, but this dish always makes me feel so happy. haha.



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The Roundie Towel


I’m totally going gaga for this beach towel. It’s so perfect for a day of lazing around outdoors, under the sun ( Yes, I would gladly and bravely take on the currently super hot Singapore sun! ), having a picnic. Waiting for The Beach People to make more because I need one.

roundie4_large roundiewithgirl_largebeachpeople_large

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